Comfortable and sustainable heating

Make your home all electric in one day with the Turbine Heat Pump. 

80% less CO2 emissions

50% less energy consumption

No harmful refrigerants


Tarnoc is an innovative company focused on developing new heat pump technology to achieve accessible sustainable heating. Located at YES!Delft on the TU Delft Campus, an international team is working on a new patented heat pump technology. With this technology, a high-temperature heat pump is being developed: the Turbine Heat Pump.
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Turbine Heat Pump

The Turbine Heat Pump is the 1-to-1 replacement for the gas boiler. The system works without an outdoor unit and is directly connected to the existing piping and radiators.


The Turbine Heat Pump is the 1-to-1 replacement for the gas boiler and can be directly connected to the existing heating and hot water pipes. The installation can be completed in 1 day by any technician (no F-gasses/STEK certification required). A high output capacity of 20kW provides high thermal comfort in any home.

Our customers

Our customers consist of housing associations, municipalities, and companies that are testing the Tarnoc Turbine heat pump (prototypes) in different types of homes and buildings.


Invest in the future of sustainable heating. We are on a mission to achieve large-scale electric heating of buildings. Become one of our visionary investors and join our mission.


Are you ready to take on the challenge of providing clean and affordable heating for everyone within a few years? Then join our team!