Turbine Heat Pump

The 1-to-1 replacement of the gas-boiler


Tarnoc is on a mission to make clean and affordable heating a reality for everyone. Tarnoc is located in the YES!Delft Incubator on the TU Delft Campus in the Netherlands. With an international team of talented engineers, Tarnoc is developing a new patented heat pump technology: the Turbine Heat Pump.

Turbine Heat Pump

The all-electric high-temperature Turbine Heat Pump is the 1-to-1 replacement of the gas-boiler. The system has no outdoor unit and is connected to the existing heating system (radiators). No additional adjustments to the homes are necessary. The high capacity offers continuously supply of tapwater, comparable to the gas-boiler.


An all-electric heat pump solution for fossil free and affordabe heating.

No outdoor unit

The system has no outdoor unit and extracts heat from the outside air via air ducts.

High temperature

The technology delivers high temperatures (50-80℃) and is suitable for radiators.


The Turbine Heat Pump is the 1-on-1 replacement for the gas boiler and can be directly connected to the existing heating and tap water pipes. The installation can be carried out in 1 day by any technician (no F-gases/STEK). A high output power of 20kW offers the resident guaranteed heating comfort.


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Tarnoc heeft de eerste versies (prototypes) van de Turbineketel verkocht aan woningcorporaties en gemeenten in Nederland waar ze uitvoerig worden getest in de praktijk. 

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