Are you up to the the task of changing affordable electric heating for all?
Then join our team!


Tarnoc is based at our inspiring location at YES!Delft on the TU Delft Campus. With a dedicated team of talented engineers from across the globe, Tarnoc is developing a new patented heat pump technology: the Turbine Heat Pump. With this innovative (patented) technology, Tarnoc is on a mission to realise clean and affordable heating for all people within a couple of years.

Our current job openings

Product Design Engineer

As an Engineer at Tarnoc, you will be working in the R&D team to design new parts, test components, and optimize the performance of the heat pump. We are looking for someone that has experience design and prototyping parts for real life products. 

Heat Pump R&D Engineer

As a Engineer at Tarnoc, you will be responsible for managing a growing R&D team, structuring the development process, and optimizing the performance of the Turbine Heat Pump.

Open applications for a job, (graduation) internship or student job are always welcome!

Tarnoc is always interested in motivated candidates who want to contribute to the cleantech sector.
We look forward to receiving your interest by sending an email to